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RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) Supply

We provide RMC Supply for all types of civil projects like residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, Highways etc.


Better quality concrete is produced

Elimination of storage space for basic materials at site

Elimination of Hiring plant and machinery

Wastage of basic materials is avoided

Labour associated with production of concrete is eliminated

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Cementation And Paving Blocks Services

We are also engaged in the civil construction industry since 15 years.

We worked in & around Pune with reputed builders/developers & contractors.

We provide end to end cementation products including EcoCrete, Fly Ash Cement Brick, Interlocking Paving Blocks, Chequered or Parking Tiles, Rubber Mould and Laqured Finish Products.

Interlocking Paving Blocks (Pavers)

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Project Management Consultancy Services

We provide end to end consultancy services for all types of civil projects like residential, commercial, institutional, industrial etc.

We also provide Architectural & RCC consultancies. As we are associated with qualified & experienced civil engineers, architects. We undertake end to end projects of constructions, developments & interior decorations for all types buildings.


Architectural Design Services

Interior Design Services

Approvals From Statutory Authorities

Co-Ordination With All The Consultant Involved In In Project

Architectural Construction Supervision


Estimation And Costing

Green Scheduling

Inventory Control Module

Execution - Supervision And Staffing Services Assistance

Vigilance - Auditing Of Complete Project

Other Engineering services

Financial Analysis Of Total Project

Registration Of Council Of Architecture

Suggestions For Various Details As And When Required During Construction

Billing - Staffing Services